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Oran Park Town offers A-Grade commercial property for sale

Oran Park Town will have 10,000 square metres of A-Grade  floor space across 5 storeys and a 3 storey basement car park. This building will be energy efficient and offer businesses an opportunity to purchase commercial space in Oran Park Town for the first time. 

This new building will enhance the Oran Park Town  as a commercial hub. Oran Park Town's Centre will eventually house 150,000 square metres of commercial space.  Oran Park Podium and bus stops are directly across the road. The developers, Greenfields Development Company have reserved land next to the building for a future rail station subject to a NSW Government decision. For more information click here 

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Phone: 9043 7500


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Oran Park Town's new A-Grade Commercial Building

Medical Leasing Opportunities

There's more to this building than just commercial space.

This is an early opportunity to join Oran Park Town's expanding medical facilities. 

There is some ground floor space in this building for medical leasing. To find out more talk to Damien Turski.

Phone: 02 9043 7550


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Please note the Pharmacy opportunity has been leased and is no longer available.