Carden Street Intersection

5 July 2019 Back to Newsroom

As previously advised (see link below), the median strip at the intersection of Carden Street and Peter Brock Drive will be closed.

Work commenced on Friday 5 July 2019 and is expected to be completed mid-August subject to weather.

Following the announcement of this closure we received feedback from residents concerned about the impact this closure will have on residents living to the north-west of the town.  We understand residents’ concerns and wish to advise that we are currently working on additional road connections which will help alleviate the problem.

The following works are currently being undertaken:

  • To the north, The Northern Road is under construction and the RMS is expected to complete the major intersection works at Dick Johnson Drive and The Northern Road by the end of 2019.  Oran Park Town will then complete the connection of Dick Johnson Drive in early 2020 which will allow residents to exit Dick Johnson Drive directly onto The Northern Road.
  • The eastern end of Dick Johnson Drive will also be opened around October 2019 allowing access through the town centre towards the Council building.  This will provide an alternate access / egress for school traffic and will assist with traffic congestion.
  • A car park is being developed on the site of the Oran Park Railway Station which will assist with school pick ups / drop offs.  This will remain in place until the railway starts construction.  This car park will also be used by construction workers currently working on projects in the town centre and this will free up parking around the school.
  • In addition, other connections into Oran Park Town are underway with a connection from Peter Brock Drive to Springfield Road and another from Banfield Drive to Oran Park Drive both expected to be open early 2020


We would like to take this opportunity to thank residents in advance for their cooperation.  We acknowledge that there will be some short term traffic congestion until these other connections are in place.

For further information, please contact the Oran Park Town Sales and Information Centre on 9043 7500.

Notice to residents regarding Carden Street Intersection