Peter Brock Dr / Madden St & Perkins Dr Intersection Works

9 June 2020 Back to Newsroom

June 2020 Update

We advise there will be changed traffic conditions at the intersection of Peter Brock Drive / Madden Street / Perkins Drive as we continue work on the Peter Brock Drive connection to Springfield Road.

From 10 June 2020, work will commence on the permanent closure of the median strip on Peter Brock Drive, which will result in the following traffic changes:

  • No right turn from either Madden Street or Perkins Drive onto Peter Brock Drive
  • No access to Madden Street from Perkins Drive
  • No access to Perkins Drive from Madden Street

Whilst work continues at this intersection, residents in Tranche 29 are asked to avoid exiting via Madden Street and to instead use Civic Way.

These intersection works are essential for the future connection through to Camden Valley Way via Springfield Road which will provide another important access for residents of Oran Park Town.  The connection is expected to be open by November 2020.

Road users are requested to take extra care whilst workers are in the area and to observe traffic signage.

For enquiries, please contact the Sales Office on 9043 7511.