Statement regarding lots 701-806

26 September 2018 Back to Newsroom

At Oran Park Town we understand the stress our customers go through when registration of a stage is delayed. Our intention is always to give our customers a reasonable expectation of the registration timeframe, and to update the estimate when there are circumstances beyond our control.

In the case of lots 701-806 we’ve had several unforeseen issues arise with the registration process, and despite our best efforts there have been a few matters that have arisen to delay registration once again.

The following matters are currently holding up Council’s approval

  • We transferred land to the RMS for the Northern Road widening some time ago. The registration of this transfer has caused some unforeseen delays to registration, and the process was outside of our control
  • All public reserves in the stage need to be formally accepted by Council. There have been some delays in this process.
  • Oran Park Town operates under an agreement with Camden Council called a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA), whereby we build parks and facilities for Council to the value of what we would normally pay in fees. This stage is the last stage to be finished under the current VPA. This means Council will review the final wash-up of the agreement prior issuing approval to ensure all matters have been finalised. This process will take longer than normal.

 So when should you expect registration?

We expect final approval from Council (subdivision certificate) mid-October and registration by NSW Land Registry Services by the end of October. This is approximately 3 months later than the mid 2018 registration estimate many purchasers were given when they reserved their lots. 

We have pursued this registration process as our highest priority and we appreciate your patience.