Our Sales Process

How lots are sold

Most Oran Park Town land sales are made to homebuyers on a “first come, first served” basis. However, when there is a high demand for our lots, we will take steps to ensure that sales are conducted in a manner that is orderly and fair for everyone, particularly when prospective purchasers begin to queue before the day of release. In these cases, Oran Park Town reserves the right at any time to implement a ‘Priority Numbering System’. 

Buying land using Oran Park Town’s Priority Numbering System - This priority numbering system is only available to individuals. The system is not available to corporate entities. This Priority Numbering System Policy does not apply to online priority numbering.

Basically, the Priority Numbering System can be applied to a land sale release where people begin queuing at the Sales Centre prior to the release day and time. The Priority Numbering System is a system for providing an opportunity for people to reserve a Lot. This policy describes:

  • How you can show your interest in a land sale release for Oran Park Town,
  • How Oran Park Town will issue Priority Numbers, and
  • The process for reserving a Lot after you have received a Priority Number

Showing your interest

You can express your interest in a lot prior to its sale by joining the customer database for Oran Park Town. To do this, you will need to provide some basic contact information either via an online form, at the Oran Park Town Sales Centre or over the telephone. We will then contact you when lots in Oran Park Town are about to be released for sale. Simply joining the database does not give you preference over another purchaser to buy a lot. The database is only used to store your contact details so we can provide you with information.

Issuing Priority Numbers

New land sale releases are advertised by Oran Park Town in the local press and online as well as by email to those on the database. If you are on the database for Oran Park Town, you will be contacted by email on the day of notification of the upcoming release.  This notification is usually issued at least 3 days before the Release Date.

If people start queuing for a lot at any time prior to the Release Date, Oran Park Town reserves the right to implement the Priority Number System.  The process for issuing Priority Numbers is as follows:

  • The first Priority Number will be issued to the first person who attends at the relevant Oran Park Town Sales Centre, and so on down the queue. If a queue has formed outside of the Sales Centre operating hours, numbers will be issued when the Sales Centre opens in the order of the queue. Numbers will be issued during Sales Centre operating hours up until the closing time of the Sales Centre on the day before the Release Date.
  • A “Priority Numbers and Names list” will be placed on the door of the Oran Park Town Sales Centre listing the names of prospective purchasers and their nominated lots in priority number order so that you can check your position in the queue.
  • To obtain a Priority Number, you must nominate the lot you wish to purchase and provide photo identification. Each person may only nominate one lot and will only receive one Priority Number. Each lot can only be nominated once. Once all available lots have been nominated, the remaining Priority Numbers will still be issued to those attending the Sales Centre, but with no lot number nominated.
  • If you wish to change your nominated lot prior to the Release Date, you will need to forfeit your original Priority Number, and receive the next available Priority Number. The lot you originally nominated will then not be available for nomination or reservation until the Release Date.
  • Once you receive a Priority Number, your interest is restricted to purchasing one lot.  You will not be able to change names or transfer your interest in the lot to someone else prior to settlement.
  • If you obtain a Priority Number, you will also receive an allocated appointment time, when you will have to attend at the Oran Park Town Sales Centre on the Release Date to reserve your nominated Lot.
  • If you are unable to attend the Oran Park Town Sales Centre to receive a Priority Number, another person may obtain the Priority Number on your behalf if they provide a signed “Authority To Obtain a Priority Number” form. 

How to Buy Land

1. Initial reservation

Choose your homesite at Oran Park and pay the $500 reservation fee. Cash, cheque or credit card is acceptable. This administration fee reserves your homesite for 30 days.

The reservation fee is deducted from the purchase price when you proceed and is not refundable in the event you do not proceed with the transaction.

2. Contract for Sale of Land

Your Contract for Sale of Land will be issued to your solicitor/conveyancer within 3 working days after you reserve your lot. (You can only change your preferred lot during this 3 day period; otherwise, you will forfeit your $500 reservation fee and need to pay another $500 if you reserve another lot.)

3. Exchange of Contracts

The Exchange of Contract is when you sign the Contract. Exchange is required within 30 days from the date of your reservation unless otherwise specified in the Contract. You are required to pay the balance of your 5% deposit at Exchange, less your $500 administration fee.

4. Settlement of Land

If you are buying registered land, (land that’s ready to build on straight away) you are required to settle on the contract within a further 30 days from Exchange unless otherwise specified in the Contract. Settlement means paying the balance of the purchase price and finalising the purchase. Once you’ve settled the purchase, the land belongs to you. If you are buying land “off the plan” (land which isn’t registered, and isn’t ready to built on yet) the balance of the purchase price is due 14 days after the land is registered. Your solicitor/conveyancer will be notified when registration occurs.

5. Finalise your plans

You can now finalise your house plans with your builder in accordance with the Oran Park Town Design Guidelines. Submit them for approval to The Oran Park Town Design Review Panel. This will ensure you’re eligible to claim for full Rebates for Design and Landscaping. You must have your plans approved by a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA), either a Private Certifier or Camden Council. Check with your builder as to whether your design can be approved as a “Complying Development”.

6. Build you dream home

Once your plans have been approved by your PCA, you’re ready to start building.

7. Claim your $5,000 House Design Rebate* and $5,000 Landscape Rebate*

  • If your lot is eligible for the rebate, it can be claimed once the home is completed. Your home and garden must be completed in accordance with the Contract for Sale, approved plans by the PCA and the Design and Landscaping Plans as approved by the Oran Park Town Design Review Panel. $5,000 is paid for your House Design* and $5,000 for your Landscaping* so long as you build your home within 12 months of settlement and complete your landscaping within 24 months of settlement. Refer to the fact sheet on ‘Claiming your Rebates*’ available from the Sales Information Centre.
  • Claim your First Home Buyer rebate 

Conditions apply. Refer to the Contract of Sale of Land.