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Landcom is pleased to provide an interpreter and translation service for clients. If you need an interpreter phone 131450 and quote Landcom as the client. This is a 24-hour service. Click below for more information.

Translating and Interpreting Service

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All plans, price lists and information are subject to change without notice, and where relevant, at the discretion of Landcom.

Landcom gives no warranty in relation to the area, future facilities or developments in or surrounding its estates. All plans and diagrams are based on information and the intention of Landcom at the time of creation of the relevant web page which may change due to future circumstances.

No statement, diagram or plan is to amount to a legally binding obligation or warranty.

Landcom accepts no liability for any changes in future stages of any of its development or the type of improvements to be erected on any future stages of any of its development and reserves the right to make changes in its absolute discretion. Please note the weekend representation at the sales offices may vary at short notice due to unforseen circumstances. Please call the office or main office before visiting.

Nothing contained in any web page as part of this website will give rise to a binding legal agreement or to a binding representation or warranty on the part of Landcom.

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Landcom plans new developments and creates new residential and business communities, on vacant land and established sites to deliver social and economic benefits to the people of New South Wales.